Terms and Conditions

Very Important information!! These terms and conditions govern the way you use our site cbdoilfastdelivery.com and the site will be referred to as US, WE or OUR in the following clauses. By using this site and its services, you indicate your acceptance of the Terms of service and the Terms and conditions, which are prone to changes and modification at our own convenience.  We reserve the complete rights to update, modify or replace any section of the Terms of Service with necessary updates on the same. Your use of the site after any changes in its discretion means that you accept the changes and acknowledge the same. Please do go through the Terms and Conditions regularly to stay updated.

By visiting or using our site, you associate yourself with our services, thereby agreeing to the following terms and conditions, which also include additional terms and conditions, terms of service and other policies presented on this page. All users like browsers, vendors, customers and content contributors are liable to follow these terms of service to access the site. By any means, if you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions, then you can stop using the services or any other features of the website.

Site Access

In order to access the site, you must be 18 years of age or older. If your age is below 18, then you aren’t permitted to use the services of this site for any purposes and this clause calls for your immediate exit from the site. If you wish to use this site, then you will have to ask your parent or a guardian to access it for you. Apart from the legal age, it is your utmost responsibility to be aware of your legal status to purchase any products from us.

You might have to provide certain details for registration in order to access the site, its resources and other services. Your use of this site covers the condition that all information furnished by you on this site is correct, complete and current. The site and the company believes that your personal details do not impersonate someone else and if found so, it is in our rights to terminate your access to the site and the services, refuse any requests and delete your comments permanently without any intimation.

License to Access and use the Site

Based on your compliance with the Terms of Service and other condition, we provide you with a limited license to access the site, which is non-exclusive and can be used only for personal uses. The license forbids you to engage in any commercial use of the content presented on the site or resell any derivative of the content for your own benefit. You are not allowed to download copy or gather data using tool that can help with data extraction. Any means of duplication or data copying without our consent will not be taken lightly and upon deviation from these Terms of Service, your license will be terminated immediately.

Site restrictions

You are allowed to use this site only for the purposes the site is intended to. Any other commercial use of this site without our consent will be considered an offense. You do not have the authority to authorize any other third party to use our trademarked logos, text, page information and other mate tags without our written consent or approval. No other third party has the right to distribute our site or the content provided on the site. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you indicate your acceptance to cooperate with our site restrictions and not mediate any association of our site with a third party, leading to unauthorized co-branding or framing.

Terms of use

  • Online store terms

By accepting our terms of service, you are liable to represent an age group that denotes the age of majority in your state, country or province for using online stores. Use of services through illegal or unauthorized means can lead to violation of laws and you must not indulge yourself in any destructive activities such as transmitting worms or viruses into the site. Such a breach activity will lead to immediate cancellation of your licenses to use our site and services.

  • General conditions

We reserve our sole rights to cancel or refuse services to any user at any point of time without any intimation. You must be aware that your content might be passed our various networks in an unencrypted manner though all credit card information is encrypted during the transfer process. You accept that you wouldn’t play a role in reproducing, duplicating, selling or exploiting any part of these services without our consent or a written permission.

  • Information accuracy, completeness and Timeliness

We cannot be held responsible in any way if you find the information on this site to be inaccurate or incomplete. The site needs to be used only for information purposes and we do not bear the expenses if you decide to use the information and rely on it without referring other accurate sources of information. You are at your own risk if you rely on any material on this site at your own discretion. Historical information provided on the site might be applicable only for reference purposes. We might change the contents at any point of time and we aren’t obligated to update any of the inaccurate information on the site. It is your own responsibility to monitor site changes periodically.

  • Modification of services

It is our right to discontinue a particular product or services without any prior notice. The prices are subjected to change without intimation. We cannot be held responsible for any of these changes or even during discontinuation of a particular service.

  • Products

The products or services available exclusively only through the online platform will be made available for the public during purchases. Returning or exchanging a particular product might be based on the return policy. We have put in all efforts to display our products accurately with the right colors and images as they are packed for delivery. However, accuracy cannot be guaranteed if the graphics settings on your computer monitor aren’t well-maintained. The right to limit the product quantity and also change the pricing is reserved by us.

  • Billing accuracy and Account information

We have every right to refuse or cancel the orders you place with us. The quantity might also be limiter per person for purchase due to several reasons. Restrictions like these might also include orders placed under the same account, billing address and instances like those. Upon cancelling your order due to these reasons, we might notify you through email or your contact number. You agree to furnish us with complete and accurate account information that is promptly updated so that the transaction can be done then and there as per your requirement.

  • Third-Party links

Certain sections and information on our site might include data from third-party websites. These links might redirect you to third-party websites, which are affiliated with us. We do not examine or evaluate the accuracy of these third party sites and hence we are not liable to provide you with a warrant on the authenticity and the genuineness of the materials, products and services found in these third-party sites. We are also not responsible for any harm that you incur from using those services through the transaction made with the third party sites. It is your responsibility to review the policies of these third party websites for your own safety and concerns.

  • Submissions – Comments, Feedback and Others

Upon our request, if you tend to submit any specific ideas, suggestion, comments or other plans, you are prone to agree that we might use that information to edit, copy or distribute it without any forms of restriction. We are under no obligation to maintain the confidence with respect to your comments and also to pay any form of compensation for the comments. We might also remove your content that we believe to be offensive, unlawful, illegal, discriminatory, abusive, and defamatory and doesn’t abide by the laws and regulations of the industry. It will also be removed if it violates any of the Terms of Service. You agree that your comments will not breach any rights of third-parties, which might include copyright, trademark, privacy and other aspects. Misleading us with fake email addresses will be considered an offense and you are solely responsible for such actions. We are not liable for any of the comments posted by your or by any third-party on your behalf.

  • Errors and Omissions

Our information might contain certain errors or misinformation occasionally comprehending to product description, pricing values, offers, shipping information and others. We are under no obligation to update or change the information with respect to the above mentioned details. We might correct the errors at any point of time without prior notice on the same.

  • Prohibited uses

Apart from the prohibitions stated in the terms of Service, you are also prohibited from accessing the site for

  1. Unlawful purposes
  2. Soliciting the participation of others in any unlawful activities
  3. Violating the federal, State and provincial regulations
  4. Infringing any of the intellectual property rights
  5. Harassing, abusing, harming, discriminating other individuals on gender, religion, origin, nationality, race, ethnicity, age or other aspects.
  6. Using false information
  7. Uploading or transmitting virus and other malicious codes that affect the operation of the Site.
  8. Collecting information of other users
  9. Spamming or phishing information
  10. Any immoral activities

It is in our right to terminate your access to our site upon any violation for the above mentioned conditions.

  • Warranty Disclaimer

Our company does not warrant that you will be able to use our services without any interruptions and errors. You must understand that we might remove our services for certain period of time without having the need to inform you. Our products delivered to you are not obliged under any condition or warranty, which you claim without our approval. Our office bearers, suppliers, agents, affiliates and all other associations cannot be held responsible for any kind of injury, loss or damages with respect to money or other damages.

  • Indemnification

You accept to indemnify, defend and claim cbdoilfastdelivery.com to be harmless, which also includes our parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, suppliers, employees and other associated groups for any claim and demand that arises out of your violation of these Terms and conditions or upon the breach of the rights of a third-party group.

  • Severability

In any instance that one of the provisions under these Terms and Conditions is termed to be unlawful or unenforceable by all means, then that particular portion will be severed from the Terms and conditions, which will eventually not affect the use and validity of other provisions that remain enforceable.

  • Termination

The terms and conditions remain effective only until the services are terminated from either side. You might decide to terminate the Terms and Conditions at any point of time with a notification that you don’t wish to use the site services. If we find you to violate any of our Terms of Service, we might terminate and suspend your access to our service with immediate effect. You will not be notified and will remain liable for all pending due amounts on the ledger.

  • Entire Agreement

If we fail to enforce any of the provision mentioned in these Terms of Service, it does not mean that the particular provision can be waived off. This is the entire agreement, which is built upon the understanding between you and us for accessing our services.

  • Changes to Terms

You can periodically review the updated version of the Terms and Conditions on this page at any point of time. We reserve the right to amend or bring upon any changes and modifications in these Terms of Service by adding the changes to the site. It is your responsibility to look for the Terms of Service on a regular basis to check with the changes. Upon using the site after the addition of changes, you indicate your acceptance to the changes in these Terms and conditions.

  • Contact information

Any queries related to the Terms of service can be emailed to us for clarifications.